Date: 11th April 2018
How Did Dossierc Hit the Target of 10k Visitors in a Week

A few months ago, we launched, a website that provides free email addresses of the businesses and companies spanning across the globe. It gives immense pleasure to let you know that we have achieved 10,000 plus visitors in a week. A lot more than that, most of the visitors have started utilizing Dossierc to plan and implement top-notch marketing activities.

Here we would like to tell our readers how we achieved our business objectives.

 Our Website Application

Our website enables the visitors to download the exact data needed for the marketing campaigns. What they need to do is, log into the website and enter the domain name or URL of the company or business they are planning to target. Dossierc will perform a thorough search and generate the contact details of the professionals working in that particular company. Users can easily download the email addresses in just a few clicks and incorporate them into the marketing activities.

The web application was easily accepted by the users and also helped in the mutual growth of our business.

Dossierc Chrome Extension

Even though the purpose of the web-app and extension is almost the same, the extension has helped us a lot in promoting the business in an effective manner. Marketers who have installed the extension and used it for marketing has improved the engagement and customer retention. The extension makes finding a missing link simpler and quicker. Now you don’t have to connect with any data provider to append your email list. you can easily plan marketing campaigns within the business budget.


The way we promoted the web app and extension helped us to gain a better number of visitors as soon as the website was launched. We also gave additional giveaways for the users who had promoted our website features. Hence, we got 4.5k visitors in the 1st week. We then planned certain promotional activities that were executed at the right time to increase the number of conversions. Now we are witnessing a steadfast growth in the number of installations and visits. And we anticipate a better response in the near future with the implementation of Email Grabber and Email Appender.  We did a lot of blogging, promoted the website among the Chrome users, and shared contents in the social media.

We had also executed certain SEO tactics to optimize the page and bring it at the top in the SERPs.

Now its time for you to grow your visitors and improve business. It can be done just by visiting where you will get the exact details of the customers you were longing to connect with.

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